May 16, 2020

Salted Dark Chocolate 'Brownie' Protein Bars [No Bullshit, All Natural]

I only anticipated sheltering-in-place for 2 months (LOL), so I kept buying RX protein bars at $2 a piece thinking I'd be reunited with the free bars in the office break room.

Well, we've been told we're WFH until the end of the year. Man, I don't want my muscles to social distance from me but these bars are adding up fast.

Salted Dark Chocolate 'Brownie' Protein Bars
Prep Time: 10 minutes 
Fridge Time: 90 minutes
Cost: $0.70 a bar (vs $2.00 for store bought)

1 cup (150g) raw almonds or unsalted roasted cashews
3/4 cup egg white powder (90g) (yes, powder)
1/3 cup (30g) unsweetened cocoa powder
1 tsp (3g) kosher salt
1lb (450g), Pitted Dates
1/4 cup (2oz), 70% dark chocolate chips or chunks (To go completely no added sugar, use 100% chocolate)

Optional Level Ups to the Bar Dough:

2 tsp instant coffee powder
1 tbsp honey
Chopped almonds

Sprinkle salt on top of the bars


Parchment Paper
9x9 Baking Dish (honestly, any baking dish around that size will do)
Food processor (if you only have a mini food processor, split the recipe in half an do in 2 batches)

Suggested Recipe:

1) Add nuts to food processor and grind it out for about 90 seconds until get to sugar like granules.

2) Add egg white power, cocoa power, and 1 tsp of salt and pulse a few times until its all mixed together

3) Add pitted dates and blend for about, 2 minutes, or until it looks like wet brown sand. It's not supposed to come together like a dough ball. 

4) Try a bit of it, make adjustments. Is it salted to your liking? Does it taste sweet enough? If not, make adjustments. 
Don't settle for anything less than "mmmm" with volume increase with each M.

5) Line your baking dish with a strip of parchment paper

6) Transfer the mixture into the baking dish, spread it out, and push it in hard until you get an even, edge to edge layer. You really want to pack it in hard enough where you'd feel confident enough to flip the dish upside down. I take no responsibility for any messes. I warned you.

7) Add chocolate chips/chunks and press into the bars. Make sure nothing is loose.

8) Put in the fridge for 1.5 hours

9) After it feels nice and firm, pull it out of the baking dish.

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